Dancing with the Stars

Mark made an appearance on DWTS in September 2014 that gained a lot of media attention. Check out some of the highlights below.


bobo and Princess JessWeek one of DWTS was a tribute to the Carnation Kid of 40 years ago. Mark’s pro-partner Jess Prince put a tone of work into it but it turns out Mark was an awful dancer, Red Symons came on after he collapsed at the end of his dance to give him a shock with a defibrillator and to add some vaudeville to an otherwise utterly  forgettable dance . Mark had a hoot and the audience loved the repartee with the judges.

Week two was a dance celebrating Katie to the Beatles song ’She’s Leaving Home’ . Once again Mark’s dancing skills evaporated when on the dance floor and he ended the dance with Jess in tears and him apologising for being such a bad dancer . Once again the interaction with the judges was fun and funny.

Then the bomb hit. Week 3 . Mark and Jess were clowns and the dance was jazz . Jess did a brilliant job choreographing a very funny skit, which they finished by throwing a bucket of water [blue tinsel] over the judges. It was a riot. Dan tried to shut down the clown by stopping him from talking, which is when  Bobo went off – it was wild! The judges gave the dance 1 point each – for a total 128616-6c87f878-5965-11e4-bb41-d2d878d2a380of 4 out of 40. This was clearly pre-arranged to make it impossible for him to continue on the show, however the audience vote from the week before got Jess and Mark through to week 4!

After this performance, social media went into meltdown as did the national media . The next day every media outlet wanted a piece of the Bobo/Mark Holden story. The ratings were on an upward trajectory – it was exhilarating train crash TV.

Week 4 . Mark  knew he was in trouble when the channel 7 cab charges for the following week failed to arrive and even after requesting them none surfaced. There was never going to be a week 5…

The dance for week 4 was the paso doble which is a very sexual dance. Mark was very uncomfortable doing that kind of dance with a young woman who was the week before portraying his daughter.  In the absence of an alternative from the producers he created the character of Vladimir Putin to make it an entirely sexless dance – Daniel Macpherson was right when he said it was more Bert Newton than Vladimir Putin.

He was then booted off and made a tearful exit. What a commotion this caused but none the less, Mark had a blast!






Check out some of the highlights below…

Behind the Scenes of DWTS 2014

Jessica the ‘Princess’ worked so hard to teach Mark how to dance. He worked very hard, but after health battles and turning 60 it made it a bit hard to fly so gracefully around the dance floor like the other contestants. She totally deserves a gold medal for all her hard work, thanks Jess.


Mark’s lessons with Jess – check them out.

For episode 3 – 6. Watch on Youtube HERE.

And the media circus followed:


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