Family History

Mark HoldenThese Family History pages are for all the family connections to add their line of history.  It is starting with the HOLDENs but it’s not just about them – it’s also about the HOODs and the SYKEs and the KINGs and the GOLDSWORTHYs and the HAIREs and the HISSEYs all down the line.

I’m keen to gather the tree online including photos that you may have of the folks in your line to add to the tree.  You can’t add directly into the online tree – you need to send me the family details and any photos as image files.

Having the tree in a digital space online will mean it can be accessed by everyone into the future and built upon.

I hope you’ll join me and make this family tree a living thing.

Add to the Family Tree

Send me as much of your tree as you can starting with your connection to the tree – pictures, dates, names, email addresses are all good additions for the family tree.  The email contact address is provided on the Family Tree link below.  Pictures etc. can be sent via the Contact email address, however you might also find it helpful to complete one or more Family Group Sheets or a Pedigree Chart.  These are both PDF files that have been set up as forms – save them to your computer and complete and save them for each of your family groups.  When ready just attach one or more of these forms to an email and send them to me.

View the Family Tree

Already we have more than 1,000 people in the Holden Family Tree – this button will lead you to the tree where you can access the name index and individuals, family groups and pedigree charts.  Contact details and a Help function are also provided.

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