From their new Show Brother 2 Brother

“Mr Bellusconi”- Audio only – Enjoy


Some of the oldies…

“I want to make you my lady”

“Last Romance”

“Never gonna fall in love again” – The Original Filmclip


Live at the George Ballroom – DVDDVD cover2-170w
The DVD the critics hated to love!!

Over 2 days at St Kilda’s famous George Ballroom; with a brace of friends and some of Melbourne’s finest musicians; Mark rehearsed and taped a diverse and crafted selection of some of his favourite songs.

Intimate, unpretentious and unplugged.

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Songs from the album:
Live from the George Ballroom: “Shine”

Live from the George Ballroom: “Don’t give up on me”

Live from the George Ballroom: “The Holdens – Dreams of Silver”

Live from the George Ballroom: “Paul Hogan – Parody”

The Holdens – a Tribute to  … Tex Morton smcover-170w

The Holdens is Mark’s tribute to the life and music of the Father of Australian country music – Tex Morton, and is the first recording with Mick and Dallas Holden. The Holdens performed their Tex Morton show at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2 years running performing also performing at the Roll of Renown concert at the Tamworth Town Hall.




“Don’t go breaking my heart”
Rehearsal for the Panel – Marcia and Mark with John Foreman on piano.

“How much is too much”

Cassette work demo of a track written by Mark and ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones. Later recorded by Steve Jones