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I am proud to announce that I will be hosting the Queen Of The Dessert Festival, a 720km outback 4WD charity adventure traveling along Oodnatta Track from Marree to Coober Pedy. The festival is a celebration of many successful local films produced in the South Australian outback and aims to promote and benefit remote communities of Far North South Australia.

The Queen Of The Dessert Festival proudly supports Blue September, (a Charity very close to my hear that I am heavily involved with); the nationwide awareness and fundraising initiative about many cancers that effect men. I will be hosting the four day event where along the journey I will meet with local communities promoting commendable work of the organization.

The public is invited to assemble a team, dress up and decorate their 4WDs with an Aussie film theme, to join me on one of the most exhilarating outback experiences along the Oodnadatta Track. Four days of driving fun with plenty of time to take in the sights along the way – history, magnificent scenery, spectacular night skies and indigenous culture – and no better way to see the miracle of Lake Eyre than with a scenic slight over the lake at William Creek.

The teams will then join the spectacular Opal Festival parade of floats in Coober Pedy on Easter Sunday.

Getting involved will mean everyone can have the opportunity of enjoying a trip to remember and to raise much needed funds to help fight mens cancer.

I cannot wait! Bring it on!

Furthermore I am so honored to announce that I have been inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame on April 10, 2015.

Lets just say the next few months are going to be quite exciting!


November 26 2014 

Its been a wild and woolly couple of months in the land of

In August my little family embarked on the Long Goodbye to Katie Round the World Tour 2014 .

We went to Rome and stayed in Trastavere – I loved Rome , then to Greece where we stayed in Athens then the island of Lefkata  and then Southern California where we dropped Katie off at Chapman University in the City of Orange where she’s studying Media.

Its a real bittersweet moment saying good bye to your 19 year old daughter . It leaves a big hole in the house where she used to be. Of course , it happens to everyone eventually but that doesnt make it any less painful.

September started out innocently enough with the release of the Holden Brothers Travelling Circus TV series and soundtrack on iTunes and rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars . Little did I know what
was about to happen!

Week one of DWTS was a tribute to the Carnation Kid of 40 years ago. My pro-partner Jess Prince put a to of work into me but it turns out I’m an awful dancer . In addition the costume was poorly made and didn’t really fit me so it looked comic as opposed to a picture of a latter day Fred Astaire as Toddles said in his critique – more Fred Flintstone than Fred Astaire .

Red Symons came on after I collapsed at the end of my dance to give me a shock with a defibrillator and add some vaudeville to an otherwise utterly  forgettable dance . It was a hoot and the audience loved the repartee with the judges.

Week two was a dance celebrating Katie to the Beatles song ’She’s Leaving Home’ . Once again my dancing skills evaporated when on the dance floor and we ended the dance with Jess in tears and me apologising for being such a bad dancer . Once again the interaction with the judges was fun and funny.

Then the bomb hit. Week 3 . We were clowns and the dance was jazz . Jess did a brilliant job choreographing a very funny skit and which we finished by throwing a bucket of water [ blue tinsel] over the judges . It was a riot . Then Dan tried to shut down the clown and stop him from talking and Bobo went off – it was wild ! The judges gave the dance 1 each – for a total of 4 out of 40 . This was clearing pre-arranged to make it impossible for me to continue on the show . However the audience vote from the week before got Jess and me through for a 4th week which in itself was a miracle.

photo(2)Social media went into meltdown as did the national media . Next day every media outlet wanted a piece of the story . The ratings were on an upward trajectory – it was exhilarating train crash TV.

Week 4 . I knew I was in trouble when the channel 7 cab charges for the following week failed to arrive and even after requesting them none surfaced . There was never going to be a week 5.

The dance for week 4 was the paso double which is a very sexual dance. I was very uncomfortable doing that kind of dance with a young woman who was the week before portraying my daughter . I explained to the producers that I am not Jeffrey Edeleston and was not comfortable – weren’t there any 55 year old women who could dance ? After all , the fabulous Helen Richey is such a wonderful example of a naturally beautiful older woman with a brilliant mind and the gift of the come back. In the absence of an alternative I created the character of Vladimir Putin – it turned out to be more like Bert Newtown and my riff was going to be – look I started out as Justin Beiber and ended up as Bert Newton !bobo and Princess Jess

I was then booted off and made a tearful exit . What a commotion this caused . The Media Circus filmed me for their show and then I was invited to guest star as a clown in the Circus Oz project The Classics at the Melba Spegeltent . What an honour to be in the company!

Watch out for Bobo the Clown on the ABC’s New Years Eve TV show !



February 2014.

Welcome to my 60th year!!Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 4.53.49 PM

Life is as good as it can get right now.

My wife Anna, daughter Katie and I spent the Xmas holidays in New York.

It was really a fab time together and we made lots of memories.

Afterwards, I had to rush home to launch the Y Factor for the Open Training Institute. I loved making their TV commercial – have a look on – and totally support online learning for all ages.

Then I shot some more with Bruce Permezel ( the director of Choir of Hard Knocks) for the Holden Brothers Travelling Circus project.

I’m making the Holden Brothers Travelling Circus – 4 or 5 episodes on my family’s circus using my extended family as the band, just like our ancestors did in the Holdens Circus in the 1890’s and thru WW2.

It’s really a lot of fun. I went down to Silvers Circus at Rye and Dominic Gasser hooked me up with a fab clown costume and some great stories. He brought back to life a character I created for Target on the ABC in the early 70’s called Homey the Clown – Homey is a sad clown with anger management issues.

I can’t wait to unleash Homey on the public once again.

Katie delivered a beautiful harmony to Dallas’s lead on a song I wrote with Dallas called Flying – the video with the 2 Holden women is gorgeous. Dallie was 8.5 months pregnant – and has now given birth to Jack’s brother Nate. Congrats!





December 2011

2011 was a year of mixed blessings.Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 4.54.54 PM

We lost my beautiful sister Jennifer to pancreatic cancer in 2011. She had just been given the 5 year all clear from breast cancer the year before when she was struck down again and lost her battle earlier this year.

I was so proud of her husband Hock and son Lachlan for the loving way they cared for her. She only spent a few nights in hospital and the rest in her own bed thanks to the untiring efforts of Hock and Lachlan.

I will always remember Jen’s beautiful smile. I was touched when Jonathon Welch asked me to perform at the Sing for a Cure concert at the Melbourne Town Hall in October. I sang a song I wrote for Jen and Peter Threlfall who also died of cancer – the song is called Old Friend.

It also marked to the first time I had sung publicly since my own brush with cancer and the neck surgery that left my voice at only 20% of its former range. On the positive side I was given the all clear as being cancer free this year so that was a big relief.

We also moved into our new house finally after 2 years and some hassles. Its great to be back in Elwood
– what a blast to have a new home!!!!

My episode of Sea Patrol went to air in 2011. Working with Lisa McCune was a real pleasure. I loved playing the part of a slightly sozzled doctor – some might say it was type casting but I really was acting!!

Life at the Victorian Bar as a barrister has been really great in 2011. Its hard to believe its been 2 years now since I signed the Bar Roll and began practising as a barrister. I love it. I appeared at 2 committals this year, one as a junior to my senior mentor Phillip Priest QC and the other on my own. This was a break through for a new barrister. Lots of legal aid work and crime this year which I really enjoy and some interesting copyright work too.

The ABC has been very generous in 2011 giving me numerous fill-in shots at local radio in Melbourne and nationally. In January 2012 I will be filling in for Tony Delroy on Nightlife from 10pm-2am weeknights for 3 weeks. Its going to be a blast – I’m having a musician on every night including old friends Ross Ryan, Mike and Bill from Spectrum and Judith Durham.

The Hoff is coming to Australia for Celebrity Apprentice early in 2012 so I’m sure my role as the Hoff-sider will get an opportunity to come to life again – get ready Australia!

I wish you all the very best for 2012 – good health, the love of your family and lots of good times.